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AfriTech IT Hub is Nigeria’s finest enterprise solution development company based in Lagos - Nigeria and Indore - India, NCR providing software solutions designed to fit your unique business needs. Our developed customized enterprise solutions can help you in making your internal processes seamless and make informed decisions for your business. Our built applications connect business processes within and across different lines of business domains, departments to open an option of inter-departmental working and remote working.

We build enterprise solutions for diverse industries, including Education & Training, Healthcare, Travel & Hospitality, Retail & FMCG, and much more. Being Nigeria’s top enterprise solution development company, we provide you excellent resources and work on the latest technologies (like artificial intelligence, blockchain, machine learning, IoT, and many more) to improve your user experience and gain the much-needed scalability in running your enterprise.  And that not all, we give you even the accessibility to restrict or open access to data on just one tap for easy business management. Enhance your workforce productivity with our enterprise solution development services for all your technical, database, and functional needs.

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AfriTech IT Hub provides wide range of Enterprise Solutions that are meant to improve your business operations and add substantive value to your company. We thrive to provide you with the best possible outcomes with efficiency in both time and quality.

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Our tech masters can help you with technology & platform-specific consulting, solution design, and support.


Cognitive Computing (AI/ML)

Enjoy greater user experience and accurate data analytics by implementing AI and ML in your internal and external processes, including chatbot development.



Make your user data more secure, automate the key operations, and create a highly robust enterprise software solution with blockchain technology.


Internet of Things

Internet of things to enjoy more control over the inanimate objects providing you user data in real-time for better user experience and productivity.


Data Analytics

Enjoy high-quality data analytics that allows you to make better decisions for your business using immersive technology.


Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality integration for better user experience, best for education solutions helping you increase your student retention to ten folds.


Customer Experience

We use our extensive knowledge and integrate high-end technology to develop high-end user experience on our built software solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have tried to cover all your general queries here and even though if you have any doubts/query then let us know.

For the proper management and integration of the processes, it is important to bring into use the right enterprise development system. Following this, there are mainly three types of enterprise systems used by service providers. These include:

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP): This system focuses on integrating CRM and SCM, bundling up all the business functions. It focuses on increasing the functionality of the system.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM): This system is customer-centric, focusing on customer data. It stores all the data related to customers. This leads to better marketing opportunities and sales for the enterprise.

Supply Chain Management (SCM): This system focuses on supply and logistics management. It provides the customer with an optimized and automated SCM system.

With the robust advancement in technology and incorporation into the business, it is important to sustain the growth of the business. This is the reason most businesses, whether at a smaller scale or a larger scale, are opting for enterprise development solutions. These solutions allow the extension of capabilities through automation and integrating the business processes. The benefits and ease of management for complex systems through enterprise solutions make it even more important.

The enterprise development solutions are being used by several businesses, offering various for their growth and scalability. The benefits include:

  • Enhancement in the operations and its effectiveness
  • Increase in productivity for the business
  • Better analysis and tracking of records
  • Secure transactions and processes
  • Seamless communication for carrying out enterprise solutions
  • Affordable development cost

There are certain factors that affect enterprise solutions, acting as a challenge for development. These include:

  • Effectiveness: The enterprise solutions must be effective in allowing them to organize the management. This also helps in a better workflow for productivity.
  • Security: What most customers look for in a secure and stable enterprise solution. Data encryption and organizational control are great tools for enterprise security.
  • Scalability: It is important for the enterprise solution to be scalable for the accommodation of a large customer base.
  • Maintenance and support: It is important to have a provision of a full support cycle at all stages. Most enterprises have problems with the provision of support.

We consider all these challenges and try overcoming them with our team of experts.