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Real Estate & Construction is one of the largest known industries in the world, however, we think it has still to conquer more benchmarks when it comes to technology adoption. Meanwhile, it has the potential to outgrow the world’s expectations, its traditional methodology to operate and manage is still holding it back. According to a survey, about 48% of brokers claimed they find it hard to keep up with the technology.

So, the potential is huge, but as a business, if you think you have just scratched the surface without the technology and find it hard to penetrate in the market we are here to help. At AfriTech IT Hub, we assist you throughout your business lifecycle to support your infrastructure with effective software and mobile app technologies. We improve your seller experience and allow you to grow and thrive for higher goals.

We offers advanced web-based solutions for real estate and housing industries such as web portals, property management solutions, real estate mobile applications, real estate CRM solutions, real estate ERP solutions, and more. We are a real estate solution development company that provides you data management solutions integrated with AI and ML technology that helps you in getting the crucial information to make better decisions.

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Some Real Estate Solutions by AfriTech IT Hub

Real Estate & Construction CRM Application

Highly-customized CRM applications and portals that help you in storing moving schedules marketing material, setting and submitting rules, and contact information.

Property Management Application

Our property management applications and software are built with differentiating features for property owners, agents and buyers to put a property for auctions, and locate the new properties around them.

Accounting Management Solution

Custom build web and mobile accounting application software to record and process your transactions built in accordance with your accounting policies and other terms and conditions.

Cloud-based Asset Management Solution

A cloud-based property management system that helps you in the management of properties remotely and provides you access to information about your property in real-time anywhere and anytime.

Real Estate & Construction ERP Solutions

Enhance your team efficiency in managing your residential, commercial and industrial properties with an advanced Real Estate ERP solutions, featuring reporting online leasing and data aggregation characteristics.

AfriTech IT Hub is Nigeria’s leading real estate application development company