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The healthcare industry is challenged by rising costs, inappropriate management practices, data security and much more. Receiving tough competition, healthcare, and the medical industry is revolutionizing the way people make appointments, maintain their fitness and how hospitals provide point-to-point patient care. The global healthcare IT integration solutions market is projected to reach USD 821.1 Billion by 2026. Having said that we confirm that your old ways of managing a healthcare institute needs to go.

At AfriTech IT Hub we provide you highend technology solutions that help healthcare and medical industry improving the patient experience using smart technologies such as real time navigation, incident reporting, geofencing, IoT, big data analytics and much more.

We are a healthcare solution development company that has extensive experience in developing, maintaining and regulating health policies. We provide you electronic health record, patient management solution, laboratory management solution, medical document management solution, logistics and financial solutions and revenue cycle management services. We work on your patient engagement and provide you crucial data to build your business upon, 

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Solutions, we’ve built for Healtcare Industry

Accounting management solutions

We help you manage your accounting better; we build data-efficient, feature-rich accounting management solutions that allows you to keep an eye on multiple institutes on a single interface.

Logistic management solution

Manage your fleet and have real-time location information of your ambulance and other vehicles that allow you to make better decisions and provide faster support to your patients in need.

Patient record management solution

Cut down your traditional file management to ‘0’, manage patient records on efficient solution, separated based on multiple filters allowing you to get access to patient history in one go.

Medical document management solution

Now your heaps of data can be stored on a secure cloud platform allowing you access them anytime, anywhere in just one click. You can also limit the accessibility or grant them for better management.

Resource planning & scheduling solution

Manage your inventory, plan and schedule your resources in one go, allowing you to automate your inventory management and always stock the necessary resources to provide better healtcare services.

Laboratory management solution

Use our integrated laboratory management solutions providing faster and better services to your patients by improving the communication and information follow between your doctors and lab workers.